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Simons Applique Magic 2

Simon’s Applique Magic #2 is a double-sided reverse applique quilt made up of five rows of five blocks, 25 blocks in total. (Of course you can make it any size you please depending on the size blocks choose to embroider.)

There are five block sizes:

  • 12in (as a whole or made up of four quarter 6in squares)
  • 10in (as a whole or made up for four quarter 5in squares)
  • 9in (as a whole or made up for four quarter 4 ½in squares)
  • 7 1/2in
  • 5in squares.

170 Designs for a 130mm X 130mm hoop, 110 Designs for a 200mm X 200mm hoop, 50 designs for a 230mmX 230 mm hoop and 100 design for a 350mm X 350mm or larger


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