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Quilt Magic Soft

Medium Loft Batting, Cotton Poly Blend

This special edition batting was created to give your quilting projects a soft and luxurious yet stable finish. Perfect for quilts, wall hangings, quilted garments bags, toys and home decor. The needle-punched foundation provides a secure base for “in the hoop” embroidered quilting and piecing designs and adds beautiful drape to your finished creation. Experience softness in a whole new way with Jenny’s Quilt Magic Soft for your next quilting project! Expect slight shrinkage when laundering this natural fiber. Detailed instructions for use, laundering and care included.
Cotton/Poly Blend

Directions for Traditional Use:

  1. Layer between fabrics
  2. Baste or Pin layers
  3. Machine or hand quilt/embellish up to 8” apart

Directions for In the Hoop piecing:

  1. Place one layer of Jenny’s Cutaway Magic in embroidery frame.
  2. Layer a piece of Quilt Magic Soft over the cutaway and baste it into place.
  3. Continue stitching fabric pieces to the layered foundation as directions suggest.

Laundering and Care:

Testing has proven shrinkage to be no more than 2% when the finished quilt is laundered and dried in cool temperatures in a gentle cycle. However, should you use hot temperatures while washing and drying, the quilt could shrink 3-5%. Quilting garments and project fabrics can shrink up to 3%. Pre-shrinking Quilt Magic Soft can be done by hand washing in cool water and a mild detergent, soak for 10 minutes, squeeze out excess moisture by rolling in a dry towel. Dry by laying the piece flat.

Available sizes:
60” x 1 yard, 60” x 3 yards, 60” x 15 yards


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