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Web Magic

Web Magic
Pressure Sensitive Fusible Webbing for Applique

Create perfect appliqué for quilts, home dec items and garments with ease using Jenny's Web Magic. Printable sheets allow you to print the appliqué image directly on Web Magic or simply trace your own design! Once the image is printed on Web Magic simply fuse it to the wrong side of your appliqué fabric, peel back the release paper and stick the appliqué into place. The pressure sensitive side of Web Magic allows for easy repositioning and accurate placement for intricate patterns. Enjoy soft, flexible appliqués and needle friendly stitching that are sure to make your appliqués noticeably perfect!

  • Pressure sensitive side makes re-positioning multiple pieces a snap and keeps them from moving when pressing into place!
  • Machine washable and dry cleanable
  • Won't gum up machine needles

Web Magic Printable Sheets

Erin Bunge - recent graduate of TTU - won first prize in the nation wide fashion contest sponsored by Fashion Group International.  The finals were held in Dallas Texas at the Apparel Mart with Universities competeing from all over the USA.  Erin worked her "Magic" to make glossy magazine pages into a stunning coctail dress by fusing the black and white prints to silver metallic knit with Jenny Haskins Web Magic and she hand beaded each petal of the skirt.  The major question asked was "WOW! HOW DID SHE DO THAT?!"
Congratulations to Erin Bunge on a spectacular winning garment.

Follow these easy steps for machine embroidered appliqué!
(click here for picture tutorial)

  1. Open your appliqué embroidery design in your machine software. *Reverse the image
  2. Print the image onto the paper side of Web Magic. *Be sure your software and printer are set to print the design in the actual size of the embroidery.  
  3. Fuse the printed Web Magic to the wrong side of the appliqué fabric. 
  4. Trim the appliqué piece around the outside edge and set aside.
  5. Load the embroidery design into your machine and forward to the placement outline stitch. 
  6. Hoop the base material and stitch the placement outline. 
  7. Peel back the release paper from the back of the appliqué exposing the adhesive.
  8. Stick the appliqué down to the stitched outline. 
  9.  Embroider the remaining colors of the design. 

**An alternative to step 1 and 2 is to place the Web Magic in your embroidery frame and stitch the outline! Use a light colored thread but one you can see to trim around. This will also insure that your image will be the exact embroidered size. Once the outline is stitched on the Web Magic remove the piece from the embroidery frame and trim it down, but not too close to the outline, save that for step 4! Continue with step 3.

Traditional Appliqué using Web Magic:

  1. Trace or print the design to be appliquéd onto the protective paper sheet of Web Magic. *Remember to use the "reverse" of the image. Tip! Use a light box or trace at a window for accuracy!
  2. Trim around the image leaving at least ¼" inch of Web Magic outside the traced lines.
  3. Fuse Web Magic to the wrong side of decorative fabric using a medium/high temperature on your iron (No Steam). The fusible side of Web Magic is the soft/shiny side. Hold the iron in place for at least 3 seconds and then flip the piece over and press again on the fabric side.
  4. After it has cooled, cut out the appliqué design using the trace lines.
  5. Peel back the protective sheet to expose the sticky surface.
  6. Position the appliqué piece on the garment and press in to place using a medium/high iron temperature. Hold the iron to the appliqué for at least 3 seconds. *Press on the appliqué side and the fabric side for maximum bonding.
  7. Finish by stitching around the appliqué with a satin or decorative stitch.

**Remember that your traced image will be reversed once it is traced onto the paper side of Web Magic. Make adjustments to the original image to prevent this.

**NOTE: All irons heat differently. The iron temperature given above is a starting point. If you find that you are not getting a good fuse, slowly increase your irons temperature until you achieve a good bond.

Web Magic is also ideal for turning free standing embroideries into appliqués! Visit www.rnkdistributing.com for projects and ideas using this amazing appliqué product!

Sizes Available:
9" x 5 yds, 8.5" x 11" printable sheets


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Customer Reviews

Review by  CountryFunKim
(posted on 03/20,2023 16:08:49)
I love this product. One side is similar to wax paper but easy to draw on, and the other stays dry for working with, until pressed that first time to the reverse of my fabric. Then you can peel the shiny stuff away and reveal a lovely sticky surface on the back of your fabric, which you can move and adjust and have it hold until you are happy with the results and placement and then press again for a final placement. I have had it for years but only recently started using it more often instead of the called for product in patterns and instructions. Now I see how great it is, I want more!
Review by  KS Stitch
(posted on 07/08,2018 14:42:16)
I love this product. It is so easy to use and gives sharp clean edges for applique in the hoop. I would not embroidery without this product.
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(posted on )
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