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Tearaway Magic Heavy

Available in Fusible and Non Fusible versions, Tearaway Magic Heavy can stabilize dense embroidery on woven fabrics with perfection! The solid foundation and crispness of Tearaway Magic Heavy prevents puckering and leaves behind soft, flexible embroidery. For use when embroidering solid fill and dense designs on towels, linen, cotton, batiste, shirt weight denim, silk and more. The Fusible version will prevent stretching of the fabric during the hooping process and will prevent the design from shifting while your machine is embroidering! Both versions are super stable and will support about 10,000 stitches if the design is well-digitized!

Both versions will be available in two sizes: 12” x 10 yd & 20” x 10 yd

Tearaway Magic Heavy (Non-Fuse)
12” x 10 yd (JTMH12)
20” x 10 yd (JTMH20)

Tearaway Magic Heavy Fusible
12” x 10 yd (JTMHF12)
20” x 10 yd (JTMHF20)


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