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Jenny Haskins Embroidery and Craft Projects

Aqua Butterfly Purse

by Laura Haynie

Card / Envelope Holder

By Meg Covalt

Decorative Towel

By Ange Ross
Skill Level: Beginner

Harvey's Block Party

By Meg Covalt

Lavender Sachets

Original idea from Regula Muller and Bernadette Robinson

Robyn's Romance Tool Kit

By Susan Clark Accredited Jenny Haskins Instructor
This little tool kit is something I use in my sewing room when embroidering. Like most people I put something down in my sewing room and I can't find it again. This has helped me keep track of my favorite tools I use with my embroidery.

Simon's Applique Magic Wall Hanging

By Judy Keating
The large blocks in Simon's Applique Magic design collection are perfect for the center of a small wall hanging. And since they can be reversible, the wall hanging can do double duty.