Lesson 5: Colors
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Lesson 5: Colors

Although working with fabrics is great, there are times when you will want to color your quilt with solid colors. Coloring with colors will show you how certain colors work (or dont work) together. Perfect Quilt has thousands of different colors to choose from. This lesson will show you how to select a color palette, and how to create a custom color.

Whats a Color Palette?

A color palette is the band of colors at the bottom of the Design Wall. As explained in Lesson 1, you can scroll through the colors. (see page 12) Perfect Quilt stores all the colors in a Color Palette. Each Color Palette has 256 colors.

How do I Select a Color?

To select a color, just click on the Paintbrush Tool and then click on any color in the palette. Then paint your patches.

You can also just click on a color and it will become the default color. This means that any patch you draw will be colored with the color your chose.

How to make the Color Palette Float

If you dont like having the color palette at the bottom of the Design Wall, you can make it float so that you can put it where ever you want. Heres how:

1. Click the Right Mouse Button on the any color in the palette.

2. Click on Floating Palette.

3. The Color Palette will now float in its own window.

How to Open a Second Color Palette

When the Color Palette is floating, you can easily open a second color palette for more color choices.

1. Click the Right Mouse Button on any color.

2. Click on Open Palette.

3. Perfect Quilt will show you the names of the other color palettes. Click on the one you want and then click the Open Button.

4. You will now see two color palettes.

I dont like the Default Color Palette, how can I replace it?

Its easy to make Perfect Quilt open your favorite color palette every time you open Perfect Quilt. Lets say that you want Perfect Quilt to show you the Earthtones Color Palette instead of the default palette. Heres how to make the Earthtones Palette the default palette.

1. Open the Earthtones color palette following the directions above.

2. Click the Right Mouse Button on the Earthtones palette

3. Click on Set as Startup Palette.

4. Perfect Quilt will open this palette the next time you start Perfect Quilt

How to Make a Custom Color

Lets say that you want to create a very pale cream color to imitate a muslin background for your quilt. None of the color palettes have the exact color you want so you can make your own custom color. What you will do is change one of the colors already in the palette. Heres how.

1. Click the Right Mouse Button on the color you want to change. For example, you can

2. click on a black color to make it the pale cream color.

3. Click on Edit Color.

4. Perfect Quilt will open the Color Editor.

In the Edit Color Box, there are two ways to change a color. You can click in the Rainbow Area” color picker. Just click on the color you want. Or, you can slide the three color bars up and down.

What are the Color Bars?

Each Color bar represents Red, Blue and Green. By combining these three colors, you can create any color. Each Color bar has a value from 0 to 255. Slide all three bars to 0 and you get black. Slide all the bars to 255 and you get white. If all three bars have the same number, you will get a shade of gray. Take a moment to play with the color bars and see what colors you can make.

So, how do I get my Pale Cream Color?

Finding the exact color you want is a numbers game. To get the pale cream color we mentioned earlier, slide the Red bar to 248, the green to 245 and the blue to 226. Hint: every computer has color variations, so this formula may not produce the exact color you want. You may need to make minor adjustments.

How to Keep your Custom Color

Once you have created your custom color, click on the OK Button. Perfect Quilt will close the color editor. You can now paint patches with your new color. If you want to keep the custom color as part of the color palette, you will need to save the color palette. Heres how:

1. Click the Right Mouse Button on the color palette you want to save.

2. Click on Save Palette.

3. Type a new name for the palette and click the Save Button.

To Learn More:

To learn how to make a series of color gradations from one color to another, please consult the

Perfect Quilt Assistant under Color Grader.