Lesson 12: Quilt Labels
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Lesson 12: How to Make Quilt Labels

Perfect Quilt has all the tools you need to make your own Quilt Labels. In this lesson, youll learn how to use the Text Tool, import photographs, embroidery images and quilt blocks.

About Quilt Labels

A Quilt Label is a record of your quilt. A quilt label should have the name of the quilt, your name and the date you finished the quilt. You can include your favorite saying, or a message for the person you are giving the quilt to. You can add photographs, quilt blocks, or clipart. When you have printed your quilt label, you can embellish it with embroidery or beads.Making a quilt label can be just as much fun as making a quilt!

Open the Quilt Label Library

We have provided 10 sample quilt labels to get your started. These quilt labels are basic labels that you can customize.

1. To open a quilt label, click on the Quilt Label Icon in the Ribbon Bar.

2. Select Quilt Label 1 and click on the Open Button to place it on the Design Wall.

Changing the Size of the Quilt Label

Heres how to change the size of the Quilt Label:

1. Click on the Effects Menu and then click on Re-Size.

2. Enter the new dimensions of the Quilt Label.

3. Click the OK Button.

4. The Quilt Label will now be the exact size you want.

Hint: Remember that when you change the size of a label, you also change the size of any quilt blocks or photographs!

Hint: Text does not change size when you change the size of the label. You will have to change the text size though the Text Tool.

How to Customize Text

Its easy to customize the text in the Quilt Label. You can change the words and the appearance of the text.

1. Click on the Select Tool and then click on the text. Perfect Quilt will select the text.

2. Click on the Text Tool. Perfect Quilt will open an edit box where you can re-type the text. For example, you can change the name from Amy to Rachel.

3. Click on the Font Button. Here, you can change the size of the font and the font type, color and style.

4. Close the Text Edit box when you are done and Perfect Quilt will change the text.

Hint: Perfect Quilt can only use True-Type fonts as Text.

How to Move the Text Box

Lets say you want to move the text box within the label: The text box is simply a box with text that you can select and move. Heres how.

1. Click on the Select Tool and then click on the text.

2. Perfect Quilt will select the text.

3. Move the cursor inside the text. The cursor will change to a hand. Drag the cursor where you want the text to go. Lift up the mouse button.

Hint: You can stretch or squeeze the text box to make the text fit into the space you want. Move the cursor to any of the black boxes on the select box and drag the cursor in the direction you want.

Hint: Turn off Snap to Grid for more precise placement of the Text.

More About Text

Did you know that text is for more than just Quilt Labels? You can add text to quilt blocks. You can use text to write notes to yourself. You can also write quilting instructions.

How to Customize a Photograph in a Quilt Label

Some of the Quilt Labels come with a sample photograph. Heres how to replace it with your own photograph:

1. Click on the Select Tool.

2. Click on the sample photograph to select it.

3. Click on the Delete key to delete the sample photo.

4. To replace the sample photo with your own photo, click on the Photo Library Tool to open the Photo Library.

5. Select the photo you want and click the Open Button to place it on the Design Wall.

6. Now you can move and resize the photograph to fit into the Quilt Label. See pages 115-

How to Customize a Fabric Border

Some Quilt Labels come with a fabric border. To change the fabric border, click on the Fabric Library Tool  and select the fabric you want. Then click on the border to paint it with the new fabric.

How to Swap a Quilt Block

Heres how to replace a quilt block in a quilt label:

1. Click on the Select Tool. Click on the original block to select it and click on the Delete key to delete it.

2. Click on the Block Library Tool to open the Block Library.

3. Open the block you want to add to the Quilt Label. The block will open in a separate window.

4. Now, you will need to copy the block to the Quilt Label. Select the Block and click on the Edit Menu and select Copy.

5. Click on the Window Menu and click on the Quilt Label window at the bottom of the menu.

6. Click on the Edit Menu again and select Paste.

7. The Block will appear on the Design Wall.

8. Resize the block (Click on the Effects Menu and select Resize.) to fit inside the Quilt Label.

9. Move the new block into the same position as the original block.

Embroidery in Quilt Labels

You can easily add embroidery images to quilt labels. Some of the sample quilt labels contain embroidery images. To learn how to swap embroidery images and how to move, rotate and flip them, please see Lesson 8.

Save Quilt Label

To save your quilt label, click on the Save Button in the Ribbon Bar. Type in a name for the label and click on the Save Button. Click on the drop down box and select My Documents and then Perfect Quilt\my quilt labels to save the Quilt Label in your Perfect Quilt Library.

Printing Quilt Labels

Once you have customized your Quilt Label, its easy to print it.

First, put in any brand of fabric sheet into your ink jet printer. Hint: you might want to do a test print on paper before you print on the fabric.

1. Click on the File Menu and then click on Print.

2. Choose the Actual Size option and click on the Print Solid Colors and Fabrics option (if its not already selected.)

3. Click on the Print Button.