Lesson 10: Scanning Wizard
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Lesson 10: How to Scan Fabrics and Photographs with the Scanning Wizard

In this lesson, youll learn how to use the Scanner Wizard to scan fabrics and photographs. You

can also scan embroidery images and images for tracing.

Hints for Scanning Fabric

Iron your fabric before you scan. Wrinkles will show in your scans.

Scan an area of the fabric no more than 4" x 4". If you scan a larger area of fabric, Perfect Quilt will be sluggish when it tries to paint patches with your scanned fabric.

If you have a fabric with a large design and want to see the entire pattern, you can set your scanner to scale down the scan. For example, you can set the scanner to scale at 75% of the original fabric. Please note that scaling may not be available on all scanners.

Scan fabrics at more than 256 colors. Most scanners have a color photograph setting, which is millions of colors. The more colors in the scan, the more realistic the fabric will look when its scanned.

What is the Scanner Wizard?

The Scanner Wizard allows Perfect Quilt to connect to your scanner. The Scanner Wizard then takes your scans and places them directly into either your personal library or the Perfect Quilt libraries. You no longer have to find and import scanned fabrics into Perfect Quilt. The Scanner Wizard does that for you.

Open the Scanner Wizard

1. Make sure that your scanner is plugged into your computer and is turned on.

2. Click on the File Menu and then click on Scan Image. This will open the Scanner Wizard.

3. Hint: If you have more than one scanner, click on Select Scanner in the File Menu. You can then select a scanner.

Begin Scanning

Click on the Scan What Tab and select the type of image you want to scan. You can choose from fabrics, photos, embroidery images or tracing background images for tracing. Perfect Quilt will place fabrics into the fabric library and photographs into the photo library. Embroidery images will go to the embroidery library and images for tracing will go to the tracing library.

Hint: The scanning process is exactly the same no matter what kind of image you scan. You only need to choose an image type so that Perfect Quilt can put it in the right place for you.

To Make a Scan

1. Click on the Scan Tab.

2. Click on the Scan Now Button.

At this point, your scanner software will take over and guide you through the scanning process. Since every scanner is different, you will need to consult your scanners user guide to make your scan.

Hint: once you have finished your scan, you can click on the Edit Image Button to open the Windows Paint program. Once in the Paint program, you make any necessary adjustments to the scanned image.

Saving your Scan

1. When you have created your final scan, click on the Save Tab.

2. Type a name for your scan and click the Save Button.

Choosing a File Type for Your Scan

If you plan to use your scan on a website, choose either .jpg or .gif as your file type. For general usage in Click2Quilt Pro, choose .bmp. For embroidery images, you must choose .bmp as the file type so that you can make the white background transparent. See Lesson 8 for more information.

Making More Scans

To make another scan, click on the What Next Tab. Click on the Scan Another Button if you want scan the same type of file as you just scanned. For example, you just scanned a fabric and now you want to scan a second fabric.

If you want to scan a different type of image, click on the Scan Another Type of Image Button. This will take you back to the Scan What Tab. For example, you just scanned a photo and now you want to scan a fabric.

When you have finished scanning, click the Close Button.

Using Your Scans

Once you have scanned a fabric, photograph or other image, its easy to find and use the scans.

For Fabrics:

Click on the Fabric Library Tool and select My fabrics from the drop down box.

For Photos

Click on the Photo Library Tool and select My Photos from the drop down box. Your photos will be waiting for you. See Lesson 11 for more information on how to add photos to blocks and quilts.

For Embroidery Images

Click on the Embroidery Library Tool and select My Embroidery from the drop down box. See Lesson 8 for more information.

For Tracing Images

To find your tracing images, click on the Block Wizard Icon in the Ribbon Bar. Click on the Tracing Tab. Choose an image from the drop-down box. See Lesson 13 for more details.