Lesson 4: Fabrics
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Lesson 4 -- Fabrics

The Fabric Library contains all the fabrics in Perfect Quilt, sorted by color and pattern. All you have to do is click on the solid color or pattern swatch at the top of the Library. Perfect Quilt will then show you the corresponding fabrics. You can then paint any patch, block or quilt with fabrics.

How to Use the Fabric Library

1. To open the Fabric Library, click on the Fabric Library Tool.   This will open the Fabric Library.

2. Click on the drop-down box to select whether you want to see fabrics sorted by color, pattern, manufacturer or theme. Color is selected by default.

3. Click on the solid color or pattern swatch to choose a color. For example, if you want to see the light yellow fabrics, click on the light yellow swatch.

4. To select a fabric, click on it. When you click on the fabric, the cursor will turn into a paintbrush. Then, click on the patches you want to paint.

About the Fabric Library

The Fabric Library contains all the latest fabrics from all the major fabric manufacturers. You can sort the fabrics by Color, Pattern, Manufacturer or Themes, such as Baby or Christmas.” 

When you sort the fabrics by manufacturer, you will see the stock number of the fabric. When fabrics are sorted by color, pattern or theme, you will not see the stock number. When you print Yardage Calculations, Perfect Quilt  will print the full name of the fabric including manufacturer, collection and stock number so that you can purchase the specific fabric.

Note to Version 4 Users: the Fabric Library replaces the Fabric Palettes. The fabric palettes are still available. However, the fabric palettes are sorted only by manufacturer. If you wish to use the fabric palettes, please consult the Perfect Quilt Assistant for directions.

Downloading New Fabrics from Perfect Quilt

Its easy to update your fabric library by visiting Perfect Quilt. Follow the links to the fabric download page. Here, you can download new fabric collections and easily update the fabric library when new fabrics become available.

Creating your Own Fabric Library

You can easily create your own fabric library either by scanning fabrics or by downloading fabrics from the Internet. Perfect Quilt will now accept .jpgs and .bmp files as fabrics. Either way, you can place these fabrics into the My Fabrics Library. (Please note that if you are using Windows 95, 98 or ME, you must save fabrics as .bmp files.)

To learn how to scan fabrics, please see Lesson 10: Scanning Wizard. Fabrics that you scan can be automatically placed in the My Fabrics Library.

Moving Fabrics into the My Fabrics Library

When you download fabrics from the Internet, use Windows Explorer to move them into the My Fabrics Library.

You will find the My Fabrics Library in the My Documents\PerfectQuilt\Fabrics folder. Move fabric files to this location and they will be waiting for you when you click on My Fabrics in the fabric folders drop-down box in the Fabric Library.

Note: Fabrics in the My Fabrics Library cannot be categorized.

How to Paint Patches with Fabrics

1. Click on any fabric swatch in the Fabric Library. When you click on a fabric swatch, Perfect Quilt automatically selects the Paintbrush Tool.

2. Click on the patch you want to paint with the fabric.

3. Repeat these steps until you have the block or quilt colored with the fabrics you want.

4. Click on the Close Button to close the Fabric Library.

To Move Fabrics into My Librarymove Fabrics into My Library

1. Open the Windows Explorer program.

2. Locate the folder that has the fabrics that you downloaded.

3. Click on the fabrics to highlight and select them.

4. Press the Control +C keys to copy the fabrics. Or, you can press the Control +X keys to cut them.

5. Click on My Documents folder

6. Click on the Perfect Pro folder

7. Click on the fabrics folder

8. Press the Control +V keys to paste the fabrics into My Documents\PerfectQuilt\Fabrics

Temporary Photo

Use the Select by Color Tool to Color Multiple Patches with Fabrics

The Select by Color Tool selects all alike colored patches. For example, you can select all the pink background patches in a block to color them all at once with a fabric. Using the Select by Color Tool saves you time because you dont have to paint each patch individually.

To use the Select by Color Tool

1. Click on the Fabric Library Tool to open the Fabric Library.

2. Click on the Select by Color Tool.

3. Click on a patch that has the color or fabric you want to change. The Select by Color Tool will select all the patches with that color or fabric.

4. Click on a fabric swatch and all the patches you selected will change to that fabric.

5. Click on the Close Button to close the Fabric Library.

Scooting and Rotating Fabrics

Once you have a patch painted with fabric, you can scoot and rotate the fabric within the patch. This means that you can turn strips from vertical to horizontal. You can also place different parts of a large fabric design within a patch for fussy cutting. Please note that fabric scooting and rotating is not available if you have Windows 95, 98 or ME.

Place Block on Design Wall and Paint it with Fabrics

1. Click on the Block Library Tool to open the Block Library.

2. Click on the Fabric Library Tool to open the Fabric Library.

3. Paint any patch with a fabric that you want to rotate. Try a fabric with stripes.

To Rotate Fabric within a Patch

1. Click the Fabric Scooter Tool.

2. Click on the Select Tool and then click on the patch to select it.

3. Perfect Quilt will open a small menu on the Toolbar. From this menu, you can scoot the fabric vertically and horizontally. You can also rotate the fabric.

4. To rotate the fabric, click on the up/down arrows next to the word rotate. As you click on the arrows, you will see the fabric rotate.

5. Click on any tool when you are done.

How to Scoot Fabrics Vertically or Horizontally

To scoot fabrics, follow the steps as outlined above, but instead of selecting an angle in the menu, click on the either the up/down menus next to horizontal or vertical. As you click on the arrow, you will see the fabric move vertically or horizontally.

Rotating Fabrics in a Quilt

You can rotate fabrics in a quilt, but Perfect Quilt will rotate all the fabrics in a block at the same time. So, youll have more control if you rotate the patches in a block first and then save the block before you make it into a quilt.

Scaling Fabrics

You can set Perfect Quilt to scale fabrics according to the zoom level. This means that when you step-up to a quilt by setting the zoom level up, you can make the fabric look larger. Also, when you step-back from a quilt by setting the Zoom Level down, you can make the fabric look smaller.

If you dont scale fabrics, the fabric looks the same no matter what the zoom level. Fabric Scaling: same Fabric at different Zoom Levels

To make Fabrics Scale Up or Down

1. Click on the File Menu and then click on Preferences.

2. Click on the General Tab.

3. Click on the box that says Fabric Draw Scaled

4. Click on the Save Button to make your change permanent and then click on the OK Button.

From now on, fabrics will appear larger when you set the Zoom Level up. Fabrics will appear smaller when you set the Zoom Level down.

To turn off fabric scaling, follow the steps above and click again on the Fabric Draw Scaled box so that the checkbox is empty.