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Jenny Haskins Top 100 Thread Set

Jenny Haskins Top Selling Rayon Thread Sets

Quilters use Rayon as it is softer than a polyester thread and it has a high lustre while being color fast. It was originally made in Italy and Austria, it’s also great for quilting with a nice lustre flow. Keep in mind: "the longer the stitch – the slower the machine."

Rayon Thread does not stretch like polyester. This means it does not retract after the stitch is formed. For years, Commercial Embroiderers would only stitch with Rayon, and not just because of the sheen. They liked the way the thread lays on the fabric instead of getting lost in the weave of the fabric… Bring that superior thread to your creations with this great, limited time deal!

Get the top 100 elegant and beautiful colors of Jenny Haskins Rayon Thread for all the Rayon you’ll need this holiday season! Normally an almost $700 retail value this set will be just $399.99 during Christmas in June & July!

Christmas in June/July 2018 specials are available: June 1, 2018 – July 31, 2018.
Specials and free items only available for participating dealers in US.