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Jenny Haskins is known for beautiful embroidery and extraordinary quilts. Now you can enjoy the Magic Range of products, including Jenny's Books packaged for Jenny and create your very own “Magic” treasures.

The following are books by Jenny Haskins. Many of these books include FREE design CD's!

Sharman's Vintage Garden (A book by Jenny Haskins)

Sharman’s Vintage Garden is the latest book from the studio of Jenny and Simon Haskins, and is as expected another stunning quilt along with fabulous additional projects from their friends. The accompanying FREE design CD has over 80 designs on it, to cover the 20 additional projects in the book with a value in excess of $150.

Following along the same path as Beyond Color Purple (Jenny’s award-winning quilt, and one of her most popular) Sharman’s Vintage Garden is a center medallion king-sized quilt surrounded by 16 embroidered blocks. These blocks are pieced using the ‘fussy-cut’ technique for the lattice sashing, which is then framed by floral fabric borders.

The embroidered blocks in Sharman’s Vintage Garden can be stitched with the new larger hoops,(350mm x 360mm) as each block can be sewn in one hooping! The blocks can, however, also can be sewn in smaller hoops, using the multi-hooping technique along with Jenny’s Template Magic to ensure perfect placement of designs. The embroidery designs for both techniques are on the accompanying CD.

Believe Jenny when she says, ‘Just because something is beautiful doesn’t mean it has to be difficult.’ You will be a believer once Jenny and Simon usher you into Sharman's Vintage Garden. They will give you a guided tour of this garden with wonderful simple-to-follow pictorial steps that are easy to achieve. Upon completion of Sharman’s Vintage Garden quilt and pillows, allow yourself to bask in the bliss of creative achievement. You will also be inspired with fashion attire and accessories (including Jenny’s much-in-demand 50-gore skirt), as well as items from the linen closet (for the bedroom and the bathroom) made by their talented bevy of friends.

No matter what level your sewing or quilting skills are at, Sharman’s Vintage Garden will inspire, instruct and bring joy to all who take up the challenge of machine-embroidered quilting.

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Jenny's Heritage (A book by Jenny Haskins)

As well as the Jenny's Heritage quilt and 16 pillows the book is filled with spectacular techniques to dazzle and inspire quilters and embroiderers alike. The book also includes a revolutionary 'perfect every time embroidery technique that is easy, fun and simple to achieve!

Jenny's Heritage also includes a FREE CD with the 47 designs needed to make this quilt and the 16 pillows, the CD alone is worth the cost of the book.

The first quilt Jenny designed and made was a cream tone-on-tone quilt back in 1992. This quilt was called The Heritage and introduced the first 'block-of-the-month' quilt to be taught in sewing machine dealers' stores across Australia. Jenny's goal in making this stunning quilt was to introduce machinists to quilting with simple techniques and basic quilting. In doing this, sewers gained confidence, learned new techniques and made a beautiful quilt. 'Just because a quilt (or anything for that matter) is beautiful doesn't mean it has to be difficult', is Jenny's catchphrase. The Heritage quilt was the most successful quilt taught in Australia, with ongoing classes for over five years. Hundreds of The Heritage quilts were made. Sewers now had a fresh approach to quilting, gaining confidence and the wonderful self-validation that completing a quilt gives to the creator.

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Summer Wine (A book by Jenny Haskins)

"Simon and I are so excited to be presenting Summer Wine" – a quilt of extravagance, luxury and total decadence. The designs have been modified from those on our Bella Fiori design CD and then combined to make this gorgeous quilt. All are included on the Summer Wine design CD that is included with this book.

The beauty of the Summer Wine designs is not only that they can be made into this glorious quilt, but that the individual sections of the quilt are equally beautiful made into pillows, pillow shams, table runners, wall-hangings and items of clothing – the list is endless (and so too are the number of possible color combinations; a selection of which are shown in the book). We have also used the designs as easy Embroidery Decoupage on furniture, mirrors, a foot warmer for the bed and matching pillow shams in delightful spring colors of pink and lime green.

Summer Wine is a truly glorious quilt and book which is both instructional and inspirational as well as making a great coffee table book with beautiful melt into photography and luscious projects.

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AquaMarine Ambience (A book by Jenny Haskins)

Aquamarine Ambience was inspired by the colors of the sea as they change with the water’s depth; one color merges into another as the light reflects off the water, and shadows seem to hover just above its surface. So too do the fabrics, threads and embroidery of this quilt all seem to merge. The colors, texture and luster of the fabrics and threads seem to glisten and shimmer to create a special ambience that an aquamarine sea evokes for so many of us; those whose souls find peace in the sights, sounds and smell of the ocean. As each wave brings its own unique form, movement and color, so too does each block of Simon’s quilt.

Aquamarine Ambience (a quilt made by Simon for his friend Kristina Hickey’s 30th birthday) is his second original quilt following the sell-out success of Simon’s Folly (Creative Expressions Special by the same name, published by Pride Publishing in 2005).

So it is again with considerable pride and excitement that Jenny presents his latest quilt to avid machine-embroidery quilters.

FREE CD is included with Aquamarine Ambience.
The CD includes all of the designs to make each project featured in the book.

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Roses for Mary (A book by Jenny Haskins)

Once again Jenny returns to her favourite bloom, the rose, and with this gorgeous new quilt she calls Roses for Mary, she invites you to share her clever techniques to produce an object of exquisite beauty. Designed and digitized with long-and-short stitch, Jenny once again gives her projects the lustrous sheen of handwork but on a much grander application.

Roses for Mary is a ground-breaking quilt that steps outside the usual square format because it is constructed from panels, where the size and shape are determined by the embroideries they contain. See how Jenny has looked to nature when creating these floral embroideries. A naturalistic lack of symmetry gives an easy sense of movement and grace to her superbly crafted training rose designs. In Roses for Mary the reader invites you to join her on a tour of other possibilities using these gorgeous machine embroidery designs. As if this were not enough, there is also a peek into Jenny’s fabulous inspiration wardrobe which shows just what is achievable with a modicum of skill, application and the will to push the boundaries and try something different.

Published by The Watermark Press and Unique Creative Opportunities.

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